Children’s book uplifts while tackling race, policing, and the father-son bond in the Amazon #1 Best Seller “Son, You Matter.”


If I am honest, this has been a difficult week for me. I’ve wrestled with an array of feelings and emotions that have stemmed from the senseless slaughtering of Black and Brown men and women by police officers in the past few weeks.



– I am saddened by the fact that in 2020 we still live in a society that is laced with racism and bigotry.

– I am angered by the fact that our country has a leader (or lack thereof) that spews out hatred, and promotes violence for a photo op.

– I am appalled that people’s right to peaceful protests on Black issues are interrupted by rubber bullets, tear gas and curfews. That these same individuals are referred to as “thugs.”

– I am deeply concerned by the indifference shown by numerous political officials within our judiciary system to Black and Brown people. That police brutality seems to only rear its head when it comes to people of color.

So I did a thing. I wrote a book! A children’s book, to remind our little Black & Brown boys that, THEY MATTER! That no matter what society says, they have greatness within them and no one can rob them of that!

We release on July 14th, but you can preorder your copy for Kindle today! Son, YOU MATTER!!

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Written by : Derrick Washington

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